Power Supply and Power Amp shelf

Finished product is installed.  A shelf for the Astron Power Supply and the 3 VHF/UHF power amps (144 MHz, 220 MHz and 432 MHz) that are located under the operating postion. 3/4" pine board with all parts cut 3/4" pine was easy to work with Sides have been routed with 3/4" dados for the two shelves
Rough assembly I applied a coat of Minwax Pre-Stain and one coat of stain The bottom panel is screwed in place and the four casters will be mounted Finished!  The castors have been secured to the bottom.  Now ready for the 12V DC distribution to be mounted on the left side
The 12V DC power distribution is mounted on the side.  The Astron 70A power supply feeds a West Mountain Radio RIGrunner 8012 80A panel.  One leg of the RIGrunner feeds a Powerwerk PD-8 8 port distribution block that is metered for voltage and current.  I use this distribution block for all the low current devices.  Anderson Powerpole connectors are used for all DC connections. folderimage folderthumb